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Our people don't know everything.  That's the truth.  And that same honesty is what we share equally with all of our clients.  We don't have to know everything to be good at what we do.  We learn.  We adapt.  We develop.  The skills learned and brought to bare to secure your corporate network have been battle hardened by the cyber warriors of our ranks.  We don't work normal hours.  We don't wear business suits.  We don't trade in stocks.  We work the hours that our clients need us to work.  We wear looks of passion and determination.  We trade in technical prowess and cyber athleticism. 



Our employees bring their breadth of knowledge to your company.  We hire prior cyber investigators who proudly served our country in cyber warfare and defense.  We hire coders and reverse malware engineers who can think through and implement solutions.  We hire architects of resolution - resolution to the problems inside your network.  We develop information.  We follow the clues left behind on the hosts penetrated by unauthorized users and trespassers.  We are teams of digital investigators sifting through forensic artifacts in furtherance of answers.



We hire the right people to develop the right tools at the right time.  Your corporate network is an electronic battlefield.  Your company's intellectual property is the target of cyber thieves.  We know that you worked hard to build your company.  Let us work hard to secure it so that the company you built yesterday will be the company you lead into tomorrow.



Anti-Malware.  Anti-Persistence.  Cyber Defense.  Armoring Networks.  Anti-Phishing. 
We help your people get back in control.  Give us a call today.